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Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents each year.

The Paws to click mission is to inspire every pet owner to travel responsibly with their pets. Why join the Paws to Click community? First, to help raise awareness for the danger of traveling with unrestrained pets and how one click helps protect you and your family. Secondly, support efforts to raise product standards in our industry. Currently , only a small fraction of travel harnesses on the market today possess the durability to withstand forces generated from a sudden stop. Together with industry leaders we can make V9DT B2009.1 the durability standard for all travel harnesses. Please join the Paws to Click movement today. Help inspire your community to raise awareness for responsible pet travel.

The Dangers Are Real

Americans and their pets are senselessly injured or killed in accidents because they are not informed or neglect to utilize pet travel harness.

Every year, 30,000 accidents are caused by dogs in the front seat.

Every 18 minutes an accident occurs due to a loose pet in a vehicle.

Product Quality Matters

Most harnesses sold today fail to withstand even 10% of forces generated in sudden stops or accidents.

No standards or accountability for product quality and minimum durability requirements.

We Can't Do It Without You

Please pledge and spread the word. Inform your loved ones, family and friends. The simple act of harnessing a pet may save your pets, children and vehicle occupants from needless injury or accidents.


How much does your pet weigh?

V9DT Pet Safety

The Bergan Product Development Team discovered two major problems while assessing market gaps for pet travel solutions. Although the practice of fastening adults and children are universally accepted, an alarming majority of pets freely roam within moving vehicles as though the laws of physics do not apply to them. As few as 2% of pet owners restrain their pets as they do themselves while traveling. It is little wonder that unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents each year. Independent lab tests revealed that few pet safety harnesses could withstand 10% of the forces generated from sudden stops or accidents.

To tackle the first issue, Bergan worked with independent laboratories to establish the Pet Harness Durability Test Standard V9DT B2009.1. Bergan committed to only develop affordable pet safety harnesses that meet or exceed real world durability requirements.

After two years of development, Bergan presented their harness to the ASPCA® for consideration under the ASPCA® Collection brand. It proved fitting that Bergan’s mission of producing a responsibly built product be introduced with a respected expert in pet safety. Generative meetings between the ASPCA® and Bergan led to a solution to the second issue, changing pet travel habits. Paws to Click became the movement to support responsible and safe pet travel. The Paws to Click campaign is an invitation to every pet owner to raise awareness that responsible pet travel is only one click away. Individual, private and public supporters are invited to join the Paws to Click movement. Together we can make a difference and promote responsible pet travel.

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